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Kate McDermott, You’ve Created A Monster!

Ever since you helped me master “The Art Of The Pie Crust”, I have gone “PIE CRUST CRAZY.” The baking tricks and tips that you taught me, will be embedded in my mind forever.


Kerrygold Butter Is Key!

Kate had suggested that I use Kerrygold Butter, and thankfully I am part of the Kerrygold Blogger’s Network. Thanks to them, for supplying me with plenty of delicious Irish butter with which I carefully perfected, four pie crusts.

IMG_3030Now What?

Now that I had made four pie crusts, I would have to put something edible, inside these buttery masterpieces.

In typical “Miss Vicki’s Improvisational Kitchen” style, I looked in the fridge, and spied some chicken breasts and assorted veggies.

How Do You Handle A Hungry Man?

My husband Dan, loves Chicken Pot Pie, so that’s what I would make. I would cook my chicken with my Nomiku Sous Vide machine, and my meal would be a success, or so I thought.

Since I had no clue about how to make it, I searched the internet. One of the first things that popped up, was a recipe from The Pioneer Woman, whose quirky writing, was appealing to me.

Since I don’t watch the Food Network NEARLY enough, I had no clue that The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond,  was a super famous blogger, with her own TV show. Go figure.

I couldn’t replicate her recipe exactly, because I didn’t have the same ingredients, but would wing it (no pun), as best as possible. Her breezy and easy style, made it look easy…..

Chicken SOUS VIDE by Nomiku

My newly gifted Nomiku Sous Vide Water Circulator machine, was going to come in, SUPER handy now!

I love cooking SOUS VIDE, because everything tastes so delicious.  A Sous Vide machine, is basically a water circulator which allows for whatever food you make, to cook from the inside out, as opposed to grilling or baking, which cooks from the outside in.

The circulator is easily clipped on to any pot. Foods placed in a vacuum sealed plastic bag, and cooked in their own juices.

Water is circulated by the machine, and kept at a constant temperature. I’m no scientist, so please check out the Nomiku site for more detailed information.

Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator2 chicken breasts, a tablespoon of Kerrygold Butter, and some thyme go into the bag. I seal it up and cook the meat, at 147.3 degrees for 60 minutes.

Since I had some extra pie dough, I used the cookie cutters that I got from the Cake Boss, and made some decorations for the top of the pie. I’m so creative.
IMG_3061I sliced and diced some broccoli, leeks, and carrots.

IMG_3082As per PW’s recipe, I cooked up the veggies, and added some flour.
IMG_3087I tore apart my super moist sous vide chicken, and threw it in the pot. I stirred it around, and threw in some flour.

IMG_3088Then I added some Better Than Bouillon that I got from Perry Perkins…thanks, Perry!

I put my cute flowers on top and baked it a bit…it was so good, that I’ve made it twice already! Thanks, Pioneer Woman!

If you’ve come to my site for RECIPES, you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you want to learn how to cook, again…not here. If you want to see someone who tries really hard…WELCOME To “The Vicki Winters Show”!

I hope you’ll stay tuned for more.

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