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I'm so vain that I need to have my picture taken ALL THE TIME! Check out Iluv SELFY, the best way to take your own photo.

I’m a Camera Whore! #iluvselfies

It is common knowledge, that I am a camera whore. I love to have my picture taken, and I love to see myself on film.

Perhaps, I’m a bit vain, or maybe, it is just because I am so adorable that I think the whole world should know? A little of both, perhaps.

“Dan, take my picture.”

“Look how cute I am. Take my picture. Aren’t I adorable? Look at my new dress! Take my picture! Me. Me. Look at me!”

Although I can’t get enough of seeing myself, my husband is a little bit tired of that same old boring song.

IMG_7767 I’ve Fallen In Love With selfy by iLuv Technologies

When I discovered I LUV Technologies- SELFY, the COOLEST new gizmo for taking selfies, at CES NY,  my wish had been fulfilled. I could take pics of myself all the time. All. The. Time.

Here are 10 Reasons to Take More Selfies with I luv selfy

  1. Selfy lives inside an iPhone case – the remote control easily slides out of the  case, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.
  2. The case comes in hot pink and black, so you’ll look cool carrying it around. I like the hot pink as it is always easy to spot.
  3. It connects by Bluetooth, but only when you turn it on, so it doesn’t waste power.
  4. You can set up the selfy, then take off your glasses, and look even better in the photo.
  5. No need to try to fumble for the button on the phone, or get your fingers in front of the shot. I hate it when that happens.
  6. Give the SELFY to the person with the longest arm, then get a great group shot.
  7. Take multiple pics in a row. Just click multiple times.
  8. Make great videos with the SELFY. It works as a still camera or video.
  9. The case is super study. I’ve dropped it quite a few times already.
  10. I luv makes several other attachments to enhance the experience, including a handlebar mount, car mount and mini-tripod.

ai5self_img_3Everyone I show it to, loves it and wants to be in an #iluvSelfy with me.

Here is a quick montage of me, and some of my other camera whore friends, all taken with the #iluvselfy.…my new best friend. Anyone notice how often my husband appears in these shots?

The iluvselfy itself sells for $39.00 and there are some accessories that are available too.

I’m going to get the handlebar mount next, because who doesn’t want to see more selfies of me, riding around on my bike?

Let me think about that for a second.

But then again. I’m in love with myself and my #iluvselfy.

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