Love Letter To Victor Yates from Coco Bandicoot

When I voiced the character of Coco Bandicoot, I never thought I’d be remembered to this day, or revered and loved by so many.

Actually, I DID think that job was my leap into voice over stardom, but that dream was SQUASHED when they decided to use a more famous V/O actress in the next versions of “Crash Bandicoot.”

Pretty much, I GOT HOSED.…but that’s another story for another day.

So, when I recently snapped on SNAPCHAT that I was feeling a little BLUE about turning 60 years old in February, I never expected this personal love note/video from Victor Yates, an amazing young talent from California with whom I met via Twitter.

In his Twitter bio, Victor says that I am one of his inspirations, and I can’t even being to tell you how grateful I am and how much love I felt when I received this video from him. Victor was so thoughtful and generous in this video.

WATCH IT and see!

Yates is an animator, voice talent and all around amazing guy, who I know will be a huge success in the near future

Thank you Victor Yates for helping me see the light. I cannot thank you enough.

You, my friend are MY inspiration, and I will LOVE you forever.

Vicki Winters

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