Live Streaming Tools And Tips

If you're not interesting, I'm sorry I can't help you there, but I can give you live streaming tools and tips to help you be the best live streamer you can be!

How To Be A Successful Live Streamer – Live Streaming Tools and Tips

Live streaming video content is all the rage. 

  • Facebook Live
  • Periscope
  • YouNow
  • Mevee
  • Kanvas
  • YouTube Live

Does Everyone Know About Live Streaming Yet?

Two months ago, when I tried to explain to my 85 year old Aunt Lorraine that I was speaking at a Travel Blogger conference on a panel about live streaming on Periscope, she looked at my cross eyed, and I had to give up.

But thanks to Representative Scott Peters (Democrat from California), I don’t have to explain anything about Periscope to her and any of my other “older” relatives.

Aunt Lorraine and millions of global viewers were able to watch a Live Stream via Periscope of the House Democrats filibustering after there was no vote on the GUN CONTROL BILL. 

What Do I Know About Live Streaming?

I’ve been streaming on Periscope for over a year and I’ve learned a thing or two about live streaming. I don’t know which companies will still be standing next year at this time but I do know that live streaming isn’t going away. Nor are the basic principles of, how to serve up interesting content and how to gain followers. 

Allow me to share some of my tips and tools with you!

How To Be Interesting?

If you aren’t interesting, I’m sorry but that is something I can’t teach you. But if you are hosting your own lives stream shows on camera, put some effort into it. It doesn’t hurt to wear some nice clothing or to put on some lipstick. 


Yes, I am more than guilty of having some bad hair days on Periscope, and I truly apologize for anyone I have offended. At least no one can tell if I have B.O. 

Personality Counts…A Lot

Keep in mind that a big part of the appeal of these platforms is the raw authenticity, but that doesn’t mean people will watch you eat a sandwich garbage… unless you’re a former porn star.

Please make sure you that you are interesting, engaging, and fun to watch. 


Be Engaged and Engaging

People like to watch me on Periscope because they feel like they know me. I make it a point to get to know my viewers too, by asking questions and remembering them by name. My guests on “The Vicki Winters Show,” have just as much to add to the conversation as do I.

If you don’t care about your viewers, they won’t care about you. Get to know them. Watch other people’s scopes too, and make comments. This is a community.

Is This Thing On?

If no one is watching at first, don’t give up. Use other platforms to drive traffic to your live streams:

  • Put a link on your blog 
  • Tweet about it
  • Tell your friends on other platforms
  • Share with your snapchat followers
  • Ask your followers to share your content

The Show Must Go On

  • Create some regularly scheduled content
  • Promote it ahead of time on other channels


Periscope Shows Logo

Lights, Camera Action

Good Camera Work Is Important 

Now it is possible to stream from a DJI drone, Go Pro, phones and tablets.

If your camera phone or ipad is flailing about, your visuals will suck. No one wants to watch blurry or crappy footage.

Stabilize your phones and tablet with tripods, wall mounts and professional stands from Arkon Mounts.

I now use a kitchen desk stand in Miss Vicki’s Improvisational Kitchen but if you notice in this early FOODIESCOPE, I had some HUGE problems watching the screen and cooking at the same time.

Check out the ARKON website and use my discount code for 20% off at checkout, from now until July 11th! After then, you can get 10% off with my code “MYBIGFATMOUTH”- 

What You See Isn’t ALWAYS What You Should Get

If you want to show beautiful scenery, use a wide angle or fisheye lens. Selfies are great with a fisheye. Regular phone view is good, but not good enough. 

Olloclip makes a few different style lenses that clip onto iphones, as well as an all-in-one studio package,  I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4 in 1 lens that is designed specifically to work in partnership with Otterbox cases.

Check for sale prices here!

live-streaming-toolsOtterbox recently introduced uniVERSE case system offering the flexibility of adding different components to your iphone. Attach the 4-in-1 Lens, power pack from Polar pro, extra storage for your phone, or even a sound speaker.

All three available here: 

Something Doesn’t Sound Right

Wind in your hair is fine, but your viewers don’t want to hear it. Crowds are awesome, but sometimes you can’t be heard over the noise.

IK Multimedia is my go-to for microphones. I use a hand held mic, a lavalier for interviews, and always use a furry or foamy thing to block the wind when I’m on my bike.


Don’t Let Your Phone Die! 

Live streaming uses A LOT OF DATA.

Let me repeat that… A LOT OF DATA.

Prior to signing up for T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan, I needed to be very restrictive about my broadcasts and always tried to stay close to wi-fi…which is not always easy.

Take that into consideration before you get a surprise phone bill after going WAY over your data plan.

The Party Doesn’t Have To End

After the stream is over, it is simple to share it again and again. Use your Social Media Channels to share your broadcasts everywhere.

Take it from one who knows.

Vicki Winters – Food Tech Travel Blogger with ADHD. “I’m all over the place”

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