I never got a dinner....
bon appetit magazine

My tag line reads, “I’m all over the place”.

One day I’m a Travel Agent, the next day a Blogger, and all of a sudden… I’m the star of a video telling people, “How I Learned to Cook in a Bon Appétit Magazine Video.

While most people learn to cook watching their moms in their kitchens, this was not my FOOD STORY. As you can during this video, my cooking education came from Food Bloggers.

My mother made cinnamon toast.

My grandmother made oatmeal.

My father made reservations.

Don’t worry. We never went hungry. There were plenty of restaurants where I grew up.

There’s a lot more to this story, and I’ll be telling it LIVE, and in detail at Mouth Full Story Telling night! on Feb. 22 in NYC. Stay tuned for details!

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