Best Place In The World To Get Married

After checking into Le Meridien Koh Samui, I dashed out for swim in the gentle waters off Koh Samui island, Thailand.

Dressed in only a bathing suit and swim goggles, I headed back to my room. Spotting a wedding about to take place, I was lucky to have my iphone on me, when I was able to snap some photos of the wedding as it took place.

Yes, I felt a little nosy, but no one  seemed to mind. I wished everyone well, and hope they would invite me to dinner.

They didn’t.

The Bride and Groom didn’t invite us to the reception, so Dan and I had our own romantic meal in the outdoor dining area. Breakfast in the morning was amazing too!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this magnificent oasis of a hotel.

My only regret is that the Honeymoon Suite was taken (small joke), but our room did have it’s very own swimming pool, living room, and fabulous amenities. Read more in this post about how the staff made me cry.

Please enjoy the photos!

Have you been to Koh Samui?

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