Koh Mak Resort Thailand- Video Tour

Koh Mak Resort
Stepping onto the sand that was as soft as a baby's behind, I could hear the sound of barking deer in the distance....Barking deer?

Koh Mak-Thailand Island Paradise:

As my feet clip-clopped along the wooden planks on the dock in front of Koh Mak Resort Thailand, I stopped to take it all in. All five of my senses were going crazy.

Mesmerized by the beauty that surrounded me, I found myself staring in awe,  at one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I had ever seen.

A deep breath to inhale the smell of fish. Not the smelly fish kind of smell, it was the smell of lunch. Delicious odors wafted through my body, beckoning me to the table that had been set for us. The us were Five Bloggers on a Post TBEX FAM trip, who we were being treated to a feast and a half.

Koh Mak Resort Thailand

The sounds I were hearing; a mix of birds chirping and deers barking in the distance. Deers barking? Yes.

Barking Deer Koh MAk Resort

I walked towards the Koh Mak Beach Resort unaware of what I was about to experience. It was only the most peaceful existence that any one could imagine.

Koh Mak Resort

Shoes now off, I ran down the dock and leapt onto this paradise of an island. I felt the sand as soft as a baby’s butt, nestled in between my toes. Welcome to Koh Mak Island.

Koh Mak Resort

For more about Koh Mak Resort Thailand, please check out the video here:

Reservations and Website: Koh Mak Resort

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