It's been difficult to find a waterproof case for my iphone, but CATALYST CASE has passed the test!!!

How excited am I to find out that there is an iphone case that:

  • REALLY is waterproof
  • Can shoot video underwater
  • Withstands a water park adventure

VERY excited…is an understatement. The last time my phone got ruined in the rain, I really could have used a Catalyst iphone Case and carrying case too.

Not only does Catalyst Case excel at keeping iphones dry, the also make amazing waterproof bags and cases for ipads too. And the best thing ever as far as I am concerned…

Catalyst makes iphone BIKE MOUNTS!!!

I’ve been using all of these products for the past 2 weeks and could not be any happier!

Additionally, when I emailed to let Catalyst know that I lost one of the bike mount screws, they immediately sent me a new one.

Talk about good customer service?

Yes. Please!

Catalyst Case gave me these products free of charge for review. All opinions are CLEARLY my own. #catalystcase

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