Janelle Monáe In Concert

Janelle Monáe
Janelle Monáe Rocks The House in Las Vegas! She had me on my feet all night long. Sorry to the people behind me:-)

You may know my tag line….I’m A Baby Boomer, who is a Food/Tech/Travel Blogger with ADHD. “I’m All Over The Place.”

This translates to:

  • I attend so many things (conferences/panels/networking events, parties) that I can’t keep up with my writing. Not the worst problem.
  • My intention is to write about EVERYTHING, but often I am just too busy running around.
  • Sometimes I forget things. Sometimes, more often than not.

To that end, I took these AWESOME photos of Janelle Monáe over a year ago and never posted them.

See above.

I’m fairly certain the concert was at the Las Vegas Hilton, I’m SURE it was during the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, and I’m positive that I WON the tickets in a TWITTER contest.

There is no doubt that I enjoyed myself TO THE MAX, while this super star rocked the house.

I LOVE Janelle Monáe and to quote her smash hit song Dance Apocalyptic)I REALLY REALLY WANNA THANK YOU,” for adding so much joy to my life.

And going back to my original thought…today’s goal is to write shorter posts, and share my photo moments on a more regular basis, and perhaps blog a lot more often.

Tomorrow a few Senior Moments may kick in, and I may forget that I even said that.

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

Am I the only one?

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"I'm All Over The Place."

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