It’s My Birthday And I’ll Eat If Want To

IMG_0349I can always count on my husband, to make sure I have a great birthday. Dan is a romantic guy with a big heart, and he loves to make me happy.


 My birthday is right after Valentine’s Day, so I usually get a whole week’s worth of attention.


This year was no exception. Dan snuck into the kitchen, with a plan. Armed with a squeeze bottle, and some pancake batter, he carefully followed some instructions he’d discovered in a youtube video.


Magical Love Pancakes!


 How cute is this!


 And, as if it couldn’t get any better, there was Carvel Ice Cream Cake for all. If you’re thinking that I fell off the wagon, I did not! I only had a small piece of cake, and no butter on the pancakes.

I’m still on the Heart Health Challenge and it’s going well.

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