Dotan Negrin @PianoAround travels around the world with an upright piano.

I admit it. I was STALKING PianoAround on his Periscope Channel. I’d been watching and talking to (well not EXACTLY talking to…its more like texting) Dotan Negrin, AKA @PianoAround play his upright piano all over the world via Periscope.tv.

I was at home, tuned into his “scope” as Dotan was entertaining both the audience of 500 on Periscope and the people in the streets of SOHO, NYC when I got a BRILLIANT idea for my contest giveaway with IK Multimedia and MusicSchoolOnline.com 

Hopping on my bike, I rode up and down the streets of Soho looking for him. I asked on the scope “WHERE ARE YOU?” Between the hundreds of comments he saw my question and said SOHO. I knew that, but WHERE EXACTLY?? Some of the other viewers were chiming in, and guided me to West Broadway and Broome, and there he was in the flesh. Alongside him was his Ford Transit ( in which he transports the piano) and his little dog, Brando sitting next to him on the piano bench.


Check out the video to watch the hilarity that ensued…..You never know what’s going to happen on PERISCOPE!

Stay Tuned to hear about the winner of the irigkeys Piano giveaway package!

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