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IFBC 2013
IFBC is such a great blogger conference

IFBC 2013- Best Food Bloggers Conference

Danny and I, recently returned from Seattle, where we enjoyed five, “food- fueled” days, feeding our faces.

My favorite yearly event International Food Bloggers Conference was filled with Fun, Food, Parties, Informative Panels, The Iconic Pike Place Markets, Restaurants, Food, Food Swag, and did I mention, Food?

I have so much stuff, and want to blog about all of it. I’ve got a lot of blogging to do. Sung to the tune of, “I’ve got a lot of living to do”. Really.

IFBC 2013 Seattle

IFBC ~ Huh?

The International Food Bloggers Conference is an intimate food bloggers conference, produced by Sherri Wetherell and Barnaby Dorfman of Foodista, in conjunction with Allan Wright and Reno Walsh, of Zephyr Adventures.

IFBC is little bit like a secret “Cool Kids Club” of Food Bloggers, of which I am proud to be, a Veteran Member.

We have a Members only Facebook page, where attendees keep in touch throughout the year as we count the days until the next year’s conference.

Questions are asked from many global virgin attendees:

  • What should I put on my business card? How many should I bring?
  • Will there be lunched served? What about dinner?
  • What should I wear?

As the @MyBigFatMouth of the group, I felt it was my duty, to chime in with everything that I thought would be helpful information, for my new BFF’s. Blogger, Foodie, Friends.

Have Suitcase, Will Travel

The most important tip I shared, which I know was greatly appreciated, was to bring an extra suitcase, for all of the swag. Many of my IFBC soon to be BFF’s, thought I was exaggerating, but I was not.

IFBC swag

2 Tons Of Fun!

For the record, this is NOT a photo, of a carry-on bag. It is a 32″ inch suitcase, which was filled to the brim, with food swag from many very generous sponsors.

Let’s just say that the bag weighed 59 pounds, even after I shared some of the products with my Seattle friends, Lyn and Zack, who were the BEST hosts in town. Check out the view from their home.


We stayed with them for 2 nights, then checked into the W Hotel.

w hotel

I would love to thank all of the generous sponsors here, but that would make for too long a post, so please go to International Food Bloggers Conference to see all of them, listed on the left hand side of the page.


Time To Meet, Greet, And Eat!

IFBC officially begins at noon on a Friday, with the first planned activity, being lunch. Chipotle was on hand, greeting us with big bowls, of their classic meal, the burrito bowl. Later that evening, they also gifted us with free meal certificates in the gifting suite.

While chowing down, during lunch, I began my quest, to meet as many people at the IFBC, as possible. I fell short of meeting all 354 attendees during the weekend, but I really tried hard to work the room, as best I could.

Pre-conference, many of us had tweeted to each other, and gabbed with each other, on Facebook. We read each other’s blogs, and formed kinships, via the web. There was a lot of satisfaction, when finally coming face to face, with the lovely people, who I had already considered my friends.

Save Room For Dessert

Cupcake Royale is a very aptly named, cupcake company. Go figure. In addition to the seriously best cupcakes, that I have ever tasted, Cupcake Royale, also makes amazingly delicious, ice cream. I only tried 3 of the flavors offered, coffee, coconut and red velvet, since this was only the beginning of my over-eating orgy, and they were all outstanding.

ifbc cupcake royale

There would be a lot more food to follow, so I was taking it slow. I didn’t want to have to wear my stretchy pants, on the very first day.

IFBC 2103 Seattle

Being Social

During lunch, as expected, a lot of people spent their time, sharing food photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It’s actually amazing, that anyone actually talks to one another at all…but they do.

Stay tuned to more of our adventures in Seattle, at IFBC 2013.

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