Which Wearable Tech Products Are The Cool Kids Wearing At CES 2014?

wearable tech- ibitz review
How could anyone walk more steps than me?
wearable tech- ibitz review

Wearing WearableTechnology To Win Money In Las Vegas!

When I found out that ibitz by GeoPalz was giving away 100 dollars each day to the Blogger who walks the most steps during CES 2014, I made a beeline to the ibitz by GeoPalz booth in the Fitness Tech section of the Las Vegas Convention Center, to get the scoop. I’d been hearing so much about #wearables, and wanted to see which wearable tech products the cool kids are wearing.

Geopalz would provide a cute, colorful tracking unit to use, and for each day of the CES trade show, whichever Blogger walked the most steps while wearing the kibitz, would be the winner, of a one hundred-dollar gift card.

As an added incentive, for the Blogger that walked the most steps during all 4 days of the show, there would be an extra five hundred-dollar gift card. 


Show Me The Money!

All I had to do, was to walk more steps that all the other bloggers who would be logged in to the group, on our ibitz fitness tracker app.

There were only 6 of us, in total, competing for the prizes, and I was determined to win. I know for fact, that I cover a lot of ground, and there was no way, that anyone else, would be walking more steps than me.

geopalz, ibitz

These Sneakers Were Made For Walking

With my ibitz attached to my sneaker, I was covering a lot of ground in the Las Vegas Convention Center. CES is the greatest place, to check out all of the cool new consumer electronics products, from all over the world.


Wearable Technology- CES Has It ALL!

From watches that double as pedometers and message centers, to necklaces that track your heart rate, there was so much to see. I walked and walked, and then, I walked some more. I kept checking my stats in the ibitz app.

misfit wearables

I had to admit, I was having a great time being competitive. But, somehow, someone named “Staci” was beating me.

When I had walked 9,000 steps, she was up to 11,000 steps. After I had hit 15,000, she was at 17,000. How could this be?

Finally after a long  day, of walking my ass off, I had hit 23,000 steps, which was more than 7 miles. Yay for me! There was no way, that  my nemesis, “Staci” was going to beat me this day.


My Nemesis Was Winning

But, “guess who”,  finished her day with 26,000 steps?

“Staci” must have put her ibitz, around her dog’s neck, and left him outside to run around, or perhaps, she had thrown it in the washing machine… for the whole day? Maybe she had been running in a marathon? WHAT THE WHAT!

HOW COULD SHE HAVE POSSIBLY walked so freaking much? It was unfathomable.

All I know, is that it annoyed me so much, that the following day, there would be no escalators for me. There would be no shuttle busses, or idle time. If I was not walking, I would be dancing in place. I HAD TO WIN.

It was really fun to keep checking the easy to read charts on the ibitz app, which has some fantastic functionality. I can tweet out my stats, track my calories burned, and even note my mileage. Geopalz, parent company of the ibitz even has a kid’s version of the unit that gives children the opportunity to win prizes through Club Penguin.

I don’t know if “Staci” had taken a nap or what, but somehow I managed to walk more than she did that day and I WON the 100 dollar gift card!

It was a hard fight, but I was proud of myself, and my jeans even fit a little better.

Thank you ibitz, for the awesome fitness tracker, and for the gift card too.

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