How To Be A Winner In Las Vegas!

When I stopped by the gorgeous Pitch Engine booth during New Media/Blogworld, Community Manager Ally Weller was happy to give me a demo of their offerings along with a cool looking hat, complete with instructions on how to win a free iPod nano.

All I had to do was don my new cap in a cool photo, TWEET that picture with the hashtag #NMXPitch, and I might be a winner in Las Vegas without even gambling a cent.

The contest was something that I couldn’t pass up, since three of my very favorite things are:

  1. winning free stuff.
  2. wearing a hat.
  3. having my picture taken.

Pitch Engine, Social Media Monthly, 6SistersStuff

 I wasn’t quite sure what the winning criteria would be so I just snapped and tweeted away. This one was cute, but I think they were looking for something a little more zany and original.

Social Media Monthly

Bob Fine, Editor, The Social Media Monthly, was a tad reluctant to pose with me, but I convinced him to play along by promising to give him half of my winnings.


Gallagher was just happy that anyone wanted to take his picture. Zany, yes. Original, absolutely! Could this be the winning shot?

My Recipe Magic

One of the 6 Sisters (I can’t remember which one) explained the launch of their new food bloggers sharing community, My Recipe Magic, while trying to help make my dream come true!

Las Vega ShowgirlsShowgirls know how to wear hats better than anyone and I felt so pretty just being near them.

The Vicki Winters Show

I kept snapping and tweeting, hopeful that Pitch Engine would pick one of my pics. Today, a montage was tweeted and I discovered that I was the lucky winner of an ipod!

It’s always a gamble to win anything, especially in Las Vegas, but you have to be in it, to win it!

I just don’t know how to break the news to @BobFine that I’m not giving him half my winnings.

Vicki Winters

Thanks for being my guest on The Vicki Winters Show.

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