Heart Health Challenge- UPDATE!!

Cronut flavor of the month
I lied. Sorry. I thought that I could blog every day but it turns out, that I have a life.
Cronut flavor of the month

Who was I kidding? Did I REALLY think I could write a blog post EVERY DAY. I’m laughing so loud…at myself.

Ok. I can keep up the Heart Health Challenge to lower my cholesterol. BUT, there’s no way I can blog about it every day because:

  • I have to blog about OTHER important things
  • I have other things to do aside from BLOGGING
  • It doesn’t pay any of my bills

To that end, I will continue to post on Instagram, and keep you filled in with WEEKLY blog posts. I promise to stay away from the cronuts, eat a lot of vegetables,and exercise regularly.

veggiesI’m looking forward to May, when my doctor checks my cholesterol again. I know that I can get it down, by doing the right things.

I’m not even going to have a cronut for my birthday…at least I don’t think I will.

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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