Heart Health Challenge Day #7, #8, #9

It's hard to blog every day. Have you ever tried it?

I knew that giving up cupcakes would be hard, and didn’t realize that posting on my blog would be even more difficult. OK, of course I realized that.

If BLOGGING was easy, everyone would do it.

So to all of my Blogger friends, I love and respect you enormously. To my Food Blogger friends, I’m switching my focus to a healthier lifestyle and will not be bragging about my meals any more. Well, at least not for the next 3 months.

Food has to be fuel for me. My current weight and cholesterol levels, are not a pretty picture.

This blog post, is my attempt at making up for 3 days, by letting you know that I’ve eaten all the right things, I worked out every day, (except for the day I was sick in bed), and I had a blast ice skating!

It’s really hard to blog when you can’t sit up straight.

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