Heart Health Challenge- Day #5

Avoiding cholesterol. I'm getting really good at it.

Lest anyone thinks, that I succumbed to the ills of high fat content yesterday, I did not. Although, I was surrounded by copious amounts of Heart Attack inducing foods, I didn’t fall off the wagon.

Indeed, I was lambasted, for taking a selfie in Kajsa Krause’s GRUELNG workout, called IGNITE! Cardiosculpt at Equinox Tribeca.

And here’s the proof, that I was working out my big fat ass.

Got busted during grueling workout #equinoademedoit #heartmonth #heartchallenge #cholesterolchallenge

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Almost more difficult than the workout, was attending the shiva, for my dear friend Ellen Brody. Being around “The Brody Bunch” and their friends, is always delightful, but knowing she is gone, is torture.

At the home of her family, we laughed and told funnystories about Ellen, of which there are many. More than many. That part was easy and joyous. Not hearing her voice in the house, was hard.

Ellen would have loved that her home was filled with so many people who loved her.

She would have jumped up and down,in excitement if she knew that Bill and Hilary Clinton sent a beautiful orchid plant in her remembrance.IMG_0304

I can’t help but hope, that Ellen has hooked up with my parents in heaven, and they are laughing and smiling down on us. I’m pretty sure they are.

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