Heart Health Challenge Day #3

ellen brody
Ellen Brody was laid to rest today. I will never forget the times I spent with her. RIP beautiful Ellen Schaeffer Brody.

Day #3 of the Heart Challenge, is a bit different today. Yes, I had to watch my cholesterol. But more importantly, today’s challenge meant, having the inner strength, to make it through saying goodbye, to my dear friend, Ellen Schaeffer Brody.

Ellen Brody was the woman, whose SUV was hit by the Metro North train earlier this week.  She, along with 5 other people perished, in that horrific crash. We may never know exactly what happened, to cause that horrific accident, and it is with a heavy heart, and deep sorrow, that I write this blog post.


Today, my dear, sweet, friend, Ellen Schaeffer Brody, was laid to rest. In a touching service at Chabbad in Dobbs Ferry, there wasn’t room for even one more person to squeeze in. It was standing room only, and the balcony was filled to the brim, with friends and family of Ellen and Alan Brody.

There were speeches filled with fond memories, tears and jokes. Her husband Alan, and their girls, Danielle (22), Julia (19), and Alexa (16), each spoke bravely and beautifully, about their mother. Ellen’s mom, Natalie, her Uncle Sandy, and Jeff, her brother, also gave moving tributes, to this charming and charismatic woman.

I had the privilege of knowing Ellen Brody, for the past fifteen years. Every time I was around her, I felt joyous. 

She cared. She wanted to know. She wanted to help. She was someone you could count on. She was helpful. She was kind. She was pretty. She was amazing. She made people feel good.

Ellen Brody was unique. A woman, who NEVER said an unkind word, about anyone. I never heard her raise her voice. She bragged about her children non-stop. She was a constant, at her husband Alan Brody’s side, and backed him 1000% in anything he did. Said Alan, “Ellen was my superhero.”

Mine, too. I respected and admired the way she loved and raised her children, as well as the way she treated her husband. Always, with positivity, encouragement, and most of all, LOVE. 

Ellen Brody had a smile, that lit up, every room she entered. 

She will be missed so much by so many. Our solace comes from knowing that, her spirit runs deep throughout her children, whom I also hold dear to my heart. These young women have been given the tools, to become even more amazing than they already are and Ellen’s spirit will be with them, all throughout their lives.

A little anecdote from the memorial service,  “My mom had so many friends and one day I asked her, “Mommy, who is your best friend?”

Ellen replied without hesitation, “DADDY is my best friend” NO! Mommy, you must have a best female friend?

“Daddy is my best friend,” she said. That was that. 

“My parents had so much fun together. they went out every Saturday night together and always had so much fun. They go out more than me”

A love affair that very few people will ever know, theirs was truly a one of a kind relationship

Rest In Peace, my beloved Ellen. I was so lucky to have you in my life. You were one in a billion, and I will never forget you.

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