Heart Health Challenge- Day #2

Day #2. So far, so good. Keeping up the low cholesterol diet and workouts.

Keeping Myself Accountable

Last night, on the beginning of this journey, I cringed while my husband sat on the couch next to me eating his kale with bacon, and polishing off a container of ice cream. The smell of the bacon cooking, almost did me in.

BUT…I was very proud, that I personally succeeded on every level yesterday and finished strong on Day #1 of my personal Heart Health Challenge to lower my insanely high cholesterol.

On Day #1, I ate all the right things, worked out hard, and when the late night cravings came (which I will work hard to stop altogether), I ate some honey whole wheat pretzels, and did not smear butter all over them. Small miracle.


Is This Really SuchA Big Deal?

“Seriously, Vicki. Are you really patting yourself on the back for one stinking day without cheese, and for NOT dipping your pretzels into butter?”

YES. I. Am. And you know why? Because it isn’t easy to be disciplined, to give up foods that I love, or to get to the gym daily.

So, this morning, with my belly full of oatmeal, blueberries, flax seeds, and Dr. Manuka honey, I made it through two classes at the gym.

First up, was a grueling spin class, taught by the incomparable, Marie Jasmin Cataudella. who brings integrity and motivation to the excercize studio and her students.


It’s Not How You Feel. It’s How You Look!

Since I was feeling so great, I decided to double up and I zipped into Milian’s class for some more punishment.  Truth be told, it wasn’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was well worth the agony. Did you work out today? 

Check out the instagram videos that are the proof of my efforts, and stay tuned for Day #3.

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