Heart Health Challenge Day #1

I didn't realize how many fatty foods I had been consuming until my cholesterol went through the roof. Time to take it down a few notches. Follow me and my heart health challenge.

This is NOT GOOD. Let’s talk about this” was the message in the NYU Smartchart from my doctor.

The results of my blood work were in, and they were very bad.

I hope I’m not violating any HIPAA laws, by sharing my medical records, but here they are.

Component Standard Range Your Value
CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 125 – 200 mg/dL 251
LDL CHOLESTEROL <130 mg/dL 157
Desirable range <100 mg/dL for patients with CHD or diabetes
and <70 mg/dL for diabetic patients with known heart
Target for non-HDL cholesterol is 30 mg/dL higher than
LDL cholesterol target.

As you can see, my cholesterol stats, are WAY out of range.

Good fats. Bad fats. All of them, off the charts unhealthy, putting me in great risk of heart disease.

How the hell did this happen? I ride my bike every day. I work out at the gym 3-4 times per week.

Don’t I eat healthy? No. I do not.

For the past year or so, I have been consuming far too much; butter, cheese, full fat milk, ice cream, cookies, pies, cakes, red meat, bacon and ham. Even when I snack on pretzels, I dip them in butter. Really, Vicki? Butter? On your pretzels? Really?

butter and ham

I’d gained 6 pounds over the past year too, but sloughed it off, and pretended not to see how tight my clothes were.

WAKE UP CALL! Heart disease runs in my family.

My father, had congestive heart failure, and had to have a triple heart bypass. It was awful to watch him go through that, and I plan to do everything I can, so I can avoid that horrible surgery.

Today is the first day of my reimagined life. A life that includes; flax seeds, oats, skim milk, vegetables, olive oil, turkey without the skin, and whatever else is heart healthy.

I’m starting my own personal Heart Health Challenge. I plan on going to the gym EVERY day, and am determined to get my cholesterol under control without medication. I intend to give up all the foods that are not good for me, and focusing on staying healthy.

In order to keep myself accountable, I will be blogging about my journey to heart health, not my trip to the emergency room. I’ll be writing a blog post daily, for at least the next 45 days.

I’ll let you know about my gym workouts, healthy meals, and blood work results. I’ll post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus too, so you can keep up with me there.

Day #1- I hit the gym during lunch.

I hit the gym hard today. I’m fortunate to have a gym membership at Equinox, which has the best group fitness classes in the country.

First up, 45 minutes in Nadia Zaki’s, Inner Strength, then a class called Stacked, by Milian Gotovac. Truth be told, I LOVE working out. It makes me happy. It can cure depression. It’s good for discipline. It can help lower cholesterol. Why doesn’t everyone do it every day?

I know for me, at times, it is difficult to get out the door, but at this point I have no room, or time, for excuses.

Milian Gotovac, Stacked, Equinox

Milan promised to keep me in line and to help me fight the battle of the bulge!

Stay tuned to Heart Health Challenge Day #2, and my new lifestyle. I can do this!

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