CES 2015 – Did You See That?

CES 2015 Keynote
What happens at CES? Is it fun?

I am known to be quite eclectic and I hang out with several different crowds. There are my foodie friends, some of my pals are into social media, and I have a great love for the tech experts too.

Because I am into cutting edge technology, I will be attending CES 2015, and the week of January 3-9 will be strictly devoted to my GEEKY TECHIE group (and I say that in the most loving way).

In between the action at the ATT Summit (I’m going mostly to hear “NEON TREES” perform), and the insanity, which is known as the Consumer Electronics Show, I intend to do a lot of socializing and shmoozing.

What Happens At CES 2015?

In advance of the show, I have been sent hundreds of press releases, announcing some fantastic new products, as well as some that make me say, “What the hell would I want that for?”

My days will be spent checking out the newest and coolest tech products, and the nights will be filled with sponsored concerts, parties and fun.

I will be plied by companies, who will serve copious amounts of liquor and very large shrimp, in hopes that I will make some noise about smart watches, fitness bands, health trackers and more.

My plan is to see as many cool new products as possible, without gaining too much weight.

Stay tuned for the results.

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