Gorgeous Photos To Inspire Trip To Boracay- #1 Island In The World

Theses Photos Will Inspire You To Visit Boracay- Voted #1 Island In The World ~Travel and Leisure 2016

The Vicki Winters Show was welcomed warmly to Boracay!

Travel and Leisure Magazine voted Boracay #1 Island in the World.

Here are some gorgeous photos that will inspire a trip to Boracay, all taken by yours truly.

I visited Boracay in early October…because I am on the cutting edge.best-island-in-world-boracay

This beach is aptly named White Sand Beach, located in Station 3 Boracay Island.




We bought a handful of GIGANTIC prawns from the market which were then prepared and cooled on site. Nine bucks including a beer and rice fed two of us.best-island-in-world-boracay


No joke, it takes 2 days to travel to Boracay from New York. Check out my video travelogue.best-island-in-world-boracay

Some of the activities in and around Boracay involve “island hopping” on a bamboo boat to some of the 7,107 islands that comprise The Philippines.




I love this little boy..

Some of the happy people…wouldn’t you be happy here?best-island-in-world-boracay

Rain means….rainbow!best-island-in-world-boracay

Boracay Style Taxi. best-island-in-world-boracay


Fried plantains….YUM.


Crystal Cove is one of the many islands where you can snorkel, walk through caves, or just stare out at the beauty of it all.best-island-in-world-boracay


best-island-in-world-boracayLove this smoking section.


Fantastic Buffet Breakfast At Boracay Ocean Resortbest-island-in-world-boracay


Relax on a swing made from rubber tiresbest-island-in-world-boracay

Check out video to see me jump off of a 10 meter plank. Can I just tell you now much it hurt my boobs?best-island-in-world-boracay


It takes a very long time to get to paradise….


Have you been traveled to Boracay?

What are you waiting for!

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