Gerbing Electric Heated Gloves Are Awesome

I don't know about you, but it is really difficult for me to keep my hands warm when its 10 degrees outside. Luckily, I have a husband who is super practical when it comes to gift giving.
Electric heated gloves

As reported previously, the winter of 2015, on the East Coast, was “f**king freezing.” Brrrrr.

Lucky for me, I married a man, who is more interested in functionality and traveling the world, than trying to buy my affections with jewelry.

used to be one of those ladies who love luxury, but then something changed. Oh, it wasn’t my love of nice things. That didn’t change. What did shift however, was the type of man, I decided to fall in love with.

Resourceful. Thrifty. Practical. Let’s not leave out handsome and funny. But I digress. Remember, I’m all over the place.



To that end, every time he buys me a gift, I know it will be something that I need. Not what I want. This year’s birthday gift, were a pair of Gerbing Electric Heated Gloves.


While countless women, all over the globe, are peering through their overstocked jewelry boxes, lovingly staring at bracelets, rings, and necklaces they received from the men who love them, deciding which ones to wear, I am already out the door on my bike. .

On my hands, are the most valuable tokens of Dan’s affection. Gerbing Electric Gloves. Did I mention they’re HEATED? Heated, as in when it’s freezing outside, my fingers are toasty warm.


This winter, it was so gosh darn cold, and I was still able to bike ride everywhere, because my amazingly thoughtful and practical  husband, bought me a pair of Gerbing Heated Electric gloves. Seriously, I can’t stop raving about them! And everyone I meet is so jealous. Fancy jewels? Fuggedaboutit. Baby, it’s freaking freezing cold outside.

These amazing gloves come in men’s and women’s sizing I’ve got last year’s Black model, but might just spring for the new white ones while they’re on sale right now!

Check out these gloves. You know you want a pair!

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