Where To Eat The Best Pizza In Brooklyn? Franny’s!

So Many Pizza Places, So Many Carbs To Enjoy-

Once again, here it is. The AGE OLD question. Where can one eat the BEST PIZZA in Brooklyn? Any respectable food blogger would NEVER try to pick just one, and call it the BEST Pizza in Brooklyn, because different pizzas have certain qualities that differentiate, and really…Isn’t the BEST, both a subjective, and personal opinion?

Best Pizza in Brooklyn

 Best Pizza In Brooklyn?

People are adamant about the BEST PIZZA, and yes, I have tried them all. There is a lot of research that goes into my analysis and critiques. It’s not ALL fun and games.

Aside from blogging about the many calories that I’ve consumed, there is a lovely little muffin top peering out over my too tight jeans, to prove that I know about, what I speak.

Best Butter For Baking

Bites On Bikes Can Help You Decide!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we all know I am not shy about giving mine, but I arguably will respect your decision when you choose your favorite. ARGUABLY RESPECT? WTF! That just sounds like I’m going to shove @MyBigFatMouth opinion down your throat. Doesn’t it?

Nahhhhh. Come along on a Bites On Bikes Tour, and I will give you the chance to try some of the best pizza pies in Brooklyn. Here are a few of the yummy restaurants we will visit.

  • DiFara’s
  • Franny’s
  • Grimaldi’s
  • Juliana’s
  • Lucali’s
  • Motorino
  • Speedy Romeo

But I digress. Once again. ADHD Is Challenging.

I have no problem sharing my opinions on all the aforementioned pizzas, but my brain is committed to a short post about Franny’s, so that’s all I’m writing about today.

Take it or leave it. But do make sure to go eat it. Oh, look a silly little rhyme. No. Really. Franny’s. I’m focused here.

Best Pizza IN Brooklyn

Aren’t The Lines Too Long At Franny’s?

This week’s hub bub on Grub Street about Franny’s new place at 348 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn says that the whiners are complaining that the lines are still too long.

All I can tell you is that I we walked in on a recent Friday night at 9:15 and waited a grand total of 10 minutes. We would have sat at the bar, and could have been seated even sooner, but since my recent ACCIDENT, I needed a real chair and not a bar stool.

Crostino- Delicioso

Since it was a little late for us to eat, we only ordered a small meal. The pastas looked so delicious, but we settled on some crostino of housemade ricotta, spinach and nettles.

Best Crostini In Brooklyn

Clam Pizza Pleasures My Palate

I’m all about the clams, and I’ve declared my love of clam pizza, many times on my blog. Just search Pizza for more posts.  Franny’s version has a tangy, creamy flavor, that slides down my throat and falls gently into my tummy and sits right on the muffin top. I LOVE IT!

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Let me know your favorite pizza in Brooklyn in the comments too! If I haven’t been there, I’ll go check it out.

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