Flo Rida & IK Multimedia CES 2016

flo rida ces 2016 ik multimedia
Flo Rida. The man is the music! I was so lucky to meet and interview this soft spoken gentleman......Welcome to his House!

Welcome To HIS HOUSE!

Flo Rida. One of my favorite music artists. Without a doubt. Flo’s music makes me get up and dance! 

So check this out. I get the chance to interview soft-spoken Flo Rida at CES2016, and I screw it up!

Sadly for me, I set up my mic incorrectly and the sound was completely effed up. Mr. Flo Rida took pity on me, and was kind enough to let me have a do over.

PLEASE NOTE Flo’s massive, muscular arm is around my shoulder during the entire interview, and let’s be perfectly clear….

Flo Rida CES 2016 IK Multimedia
I don’t like him….I LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM….. (sung to the tune of “I don’t like it, I love it”)…..

Flo rida & IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia has teamed up with super-star singer-songwriter Flo Rida to offer Flo Mic, a handheld condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. Flo Mic is designed for singing, practicing, performing and recording with a mobile device, and can be used together with your favorite iOS or Android vocal and recording apps.

Flo Mic is an extremely easy to use handheld microphone, featuring durable metal-body construction with a stunning gold finish featuring a Flo Rida signature and logo. It uses a unidirectional electric condenser capsule with a metal windscreen and a convenient on/off switch. Flo Mic’s attached cable easily connects to the headphone jack of the mobile device and includes a separate output to connect directly to headphones or speakers.

Flo Mic is great for musicians of any age or skill level. Simply plug Flo Mic into the mobile device, connect headphones or speakers, launch the included EZ Voice app and get ready to sing. Once you’ve loaded a song into the app, use the No Voice effect to remove the vocal. Then sing along with the track, add real-time vocal effects, capture your performance with the record feature, and share it with your friends online, all from within the app.


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