Fun With Animoto- All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Want to impress all the cool kids with a fun app? Try Animoto!

What’s New In Tech Today- Animoto 

I love to learn about new technology. Although I’m over 50 years old (yes, I just said that), I know a lot more about technology than most people half my age.

No offense to any of you pishers out there, who think that because you can instagram, snapchat, or send a few tweets, you should have all of the groovy social media jobs.


Very. Social. Media. Person.

Yes, those are wrinkles on my face, but I am a bigger über geek than most of you, and I want a cool gig too!

I attend conferences, moderate panels, and study social media constantly. I make vines, I use IFTTT, and I’m testing out new CRM software and project management tools daily.

As an early adopter, I love to try out new things. I spend a good amount of time, researching and learning the newest tools of the trade, that seem to pop up daily.  My latest fun app to use, is Animoto.

Because I’m such a fantastic, and modest photographer, I was happy to learn about Animoto, a fun platform for creating quickie videos from photos.

Virgin Animoto-er

Animoto is super easy and fun to use. It is  SIMPLE to embed an Animoto into a WordPress blog, andto push out via Social Media. The free version, unfortunately comes with watermarks, but kudos to Brad Jefferson and team for forcing me to buy the Premium version.

The Animoto above was my first attempt (it’s fairly lame), but I was a virgin, so please forgive me. Stay tuned for the next one….

NewCo New York will be showcasing nearly 100 innovative and creative companies this fall.  

If you are  in NY October 1-2, 2014, be sure to register for NewCo NY and sign up for the session at the Animoto office, where you can hear Jefferson talk about how he thinks about, and measures start up culture.

I’m VERY curious to see how he feels about hiring people , who aren’t in their 20’s.

Again, no offense to the cool kids out there who are as smart as me (both of you), but we alta cockers need work too. And many of us, are pretty awesome.

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