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Who’s Gonna Argue With Oprah

Great Minds Think Alike

My motto has always been, “If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me”, so when I spied Pipcorn at Smorgasburg this past weekend, I was super excited to check it out.

Jeff Martin Shows Me Oprah's Favorite Pipcorn
Jeff Martin And Oprah’s Favorite Pipcorn

Teeny Weeny Popcorn

Owners and siblings, Jen and Jeff Martin, shared the details of their new snack company, as I munched the little teeny morsels of deliciousness.  Pipcorn is made from mini, hulless, more easily digestible kernels,  popped in olive oil.

Eyeing The Goods At Handsome Hank’s

What’s In A Name?

After my little snack (no pun), I wandered around looking for some new foodie fuel. I checked out a few menus, and chose the fried fish and chips, from Handsome Hank’s new stall.

Although the manager, Josh was super cute, there was no way for me to tell, if Hank was as handsome as the name of his company suggests, because he was nowhere to be found. Hank’s fried whiting, and masterfully salted chips however, were as delightful and tasty as advertised.

It Isn’t A Meal Without Some Sugary Dessert

For my hubby Danny, there is no satisfaction unless there is some sugary treat at the end of his every meal. This time he was lured to the Danny’s Macaroons table for a dark chocolate treat just before they sold out, and I was grateful for the teeny-weeny bite, he saved for me. Although,

I would have loved to share another macaroon, by the time we got back to the table, they were sold out of my favorite flavor.

Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate Dumbo
Wicked Or Classic?

Vicki’s Favorite Things

We left Smorgasburg with sad faces, because this was the final event for the season, but then we remembered, that Jacques Torres Chocolates, was just up the street. YAY!  Two more of my favorite things.

Jacqes Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies

Has Oprah tried these yet?

If my BFF Oprah hasn’t had one of the Classic Hot Chocolates from Jacques Torres, someone should let her know about this place. In addition to the Hot Chocolate that I LOVE, I almost always take home a box of Chef Jacques cookie mix, to bake at home myself. These are a few of my favorite things!

For more of My Favorite Things…

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  • I love everything you post. I think all your favorite things are my favorite things as well!! Can’t wait to try them all out.