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If your idea of a vacation is sitting on a lounge chair with a drink for a week, DO NOT READ THIS Blog Post. If your idea of enjoying yourself is by learning about yourself and helping others, read on....and enjoy the VIDEO

Fathom Travel is not a BOOZE CRUISE. 


Not a booze cruise, Vicki? Then how can I have fun?

Change Lives Change Yourself 

Fathom’s Cruises to Cuba and Dominican Republic are an entirely NEW WAY TO travel. For those who want to help others while enjoying themselves…this is the type of vacation you have always dreamed of.

See what it’s like to enjoy a vacation while helping to make a difference in the lives of others who do not have access to clean drinking water, or decent floors to walk on.

  • Spend some time teaching English to students and people in the community
  • Help pour concrete floors for a family’s home
  • Work in a cacao factory alongside Dominican women
  • Construct water filters at Wine to Water
  • Plant trees (Reforestation project)
  • Contribute at a paper recycling cooperative (Repapél)

Make sure to watch the video and use my affiliate code for a discount on unleashing your greatness too.

Oh yeah, and check out Dan’s great drone footage in the video!

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