Who have "thunk" that a ROBOT could help me purchase a vacuum cleaner? Ben the Robot, from Ecovacs Robotics was quite the salesperson!


I had so much fun shopping with this adorable robot from Ecovacs Robotics at CES 2015. Benebot (he/she has a name) is a “shopping assist” robot capable of having complete conversations with customers.

Ben-ebot, sounds like a 4 year child, and comes equipped with many sensors, an LCD display screen for videos, and a laser to point customers in the right direction. Oh, and he’s completely adorable. Understatement.

In Ben’s high pitched child-like voice (personally, I feel that he, is a SHE) we went through an entire sales process, via a shopping demo on the CES 2015 trade show floor.

Benebot and I looked at humidifiers, vacuums, and more. After we had checked out all the options, I was finally able to decide on the best product for me.


Ecovacs Robotics won a CES Innovation Award for RAYBOT, an automated bot, that cleans solar panels.

Winbot, Ecovacs’ famous window-cleaning robot, also impressed me very much, but it was the cute little Benebot that won my heart. And I walked away the proud owner of a new vacuum cleaner.

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