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Dorie Greenspan was the judge of this FOODIE competition. Making something from AGAR AGAR could be embarrassing...What is AGAR AGAR you may ask??

The Baddish Group, and Driscoll Berries,invited me to a fun foodie luncheon/cooking contest at The Daily Meal.

Driscoll would be providing the berries, and all I had to do, was to create the winning dish. Easy as pie, or so I thought.


Because I don’t know any better, I constantly assume that baking is easier than it actually is. In my mind, I can just whip up something beautiful and delicious, without any challenges. And of course, I couldn’t be more wrong.

For this contest, that I’d convinced myself I was going to win, my intention was to use the AGAR AGAR, that was in my cupboard. I would find a fantastic recipe, to use the product. Here’s the part where you say, “What is agar agar, and why does Vicki have any of it?”


When I found the recipe for Coconut Raspberry Agar , I MOSTLY followed it to the letter. Which clearly is not the way to do it. I think my downfall, was switching out the coconut milk for soy coconut. I keep forgetting that BAKING IS SCIENCE!


To me, it looked like I was going to be the clear cut winner. The dish appeared to have been prepared properly and I would cut out the shapes, when I arrived at the party.

Gingerly carting my precariously perched dish uptown, I held on to it with one hand, while steering my bike with the other. I was careful not to let it topple out, as I kept hitting bumps in the road.


 Inside The Daily Meal Test Kitchen, we were treated to a lovely Blogger’s Luncheon. And then, it was time for the baking contest. In my mind, everything was going to be perfect and I was going to win.

Unfortunately, my dish didn’t plate, exactly the way, that I had intended it to. Instead, it was pretty much, a soup of raspberries. There were some laughs all around, as Dorie Greenspan explained, how baking is supposed to work. I took all of my criticism with a grain of salt.

Author, Dorie Greenspan

Dorie Greenspan admitted to all of us, that she had herself, never worked with agar agar, and gave me an “A” for effort in the competition. She had some great advice and encouragement for me, so I am not giving up! I will try this recipe again soon.

I will probably get a running start, by reading her cookbook. Or any cookbook for that matter.

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