Dome Alert Home Disaster Alert System CES 2016

I won a THOUSAND dollars in an Instagram contest from Dome Alert Home Disaster Alert System!

After a hectic time at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, how could it be possible to condense all of my thoughts?

It just isn’t. I’m just going to start the CES series by touting a really cool company….DOME ALERT.

Aside from the fact that I won $1000 dollars in an Instagram contest from Dome Alert Home Disaster Alert System, it was one of the coolest things I’d seen at CES.

Does this @dome.alert t-shirt make me look fat?? One of the best products @cesofficial #ces2016 #domealert

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Casey Hermansen, owner of Dome Alert is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He has worked so hard on getting his product to market and I’d love if you would help with his Kickstarter project that launched today!

Check out the KICKSTARTER video here:

Dome Alert Home Disaster Alert System offers 24/7 protection from the most common and financially devastating threats to your home and family — fire, flood, freeze and carbon monoxide.

People want the peace of mind that their families and assets are safe, and the only way to truly achieve that is through a professionally monitored system.

However, current solutions require credit checks, home-owner verification, expensive set-up costs, long multi-year contracts, and high monthly monitoring fees.

At Dome, we set out to create a simple solution that focusses on the most common disasters, with all the benefits of a professionally monitored system at a fraction of the cost.

The genius of Dome is simple, with just two sensors, you can give your home and existing equipment smart home capabilities. How?

The first is a Fire and Carbon Monoxide Sensor that integrates with your existing equipment to monitor and listen for smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms.

The second is a Flood and Freeze Sensor that detects water leaks and freezing temperatures.

When a sensor is triggered an alert is immediately sent to both your smartphone and our professional monitoring station.

The professional monitoring station will call you and your emergency contacts until the incident is resolved. Even dispatching emergency responders in the event of smoke or carbon monoxide.

Dome takes about 15 minutes to set up. No tools, wiring, or technicians required.

And, because Dome professionally monitors the most costly home disasters, you will save 5-20% on your home insurance premiums. With that discount alone, Dome literally pays for itself.

Since Dome requires no long term contract or installation, it’s perfect for both renters and homeowners. No matter where you dwell, Dome’s got you covered.


Traditional Monitoring Service                       Dome

Set Up Cost                                          $500                  $99

Contract Length                                  3-5 Years          Month to Month

Monthly Contracts                             $40-$60            $12

Home Ownership Required              Yes                     No

Credit Check Required                       Yes                     No

Homeowner Insurance Discount     Yes                     Yes

Renter Friendly                                    No                     Yes

STAY SAFE AT HOME!!! Donate to Kickstarter! 

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