Cronut Flavor Of The Month- June 2014 New York Ranger Edition

Cronut flavor of the month
Cronuts and Autographs From Former #Winning NY Rangers Ron Duguuay, Adam Graves, Glenn Anderson

Cronut Flavor Of The Month-

One day every month, I wake up early to ride my bike uptown to Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, for my monthly cronut fix.

Never Missed A Flavor YET!

Each month, when the new cronut flavor of the month is announced, the plotting begins.

Which days will be the least crowded? Should I go on a rainy day? Weekends? If it’s snowing, is there a better chance?

My husband and I, have all but mastered the line, at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, so we don’t have to wake up at 5:00 AM to snag one of the coveted 200 cronuts baked daily. If you want to know our secrets, just ask.

The Cronut Craze!

Because of our strategy and stamina, we have not missed out on sampling any cronut flavors, of any month, since Chef Dominique Ansel created the cronut craze, over one year ago.

Die Hard Fans Need It Bad!

Rain, Train, freezing temps, snow, travel to Austin. If it means I’ll get my fix, I’ll do it. Chef, You’ve created an addict.

New Favorite Flavor

June 2014, Chef Dominique introduced the world’s taste buds, to the Strawberry Mascarpone Cronut, which is now my top favorite flavor, surpassing  February’s Raspberry Lychee, by just a hair.

Cronut flavor of the month

June 7, 2014 -RANGER CRONUT DAY!

This particular morning, Chef Dominique was paying homage, or should I say homàge, to his new found home team hockey team.

Stanley Cup Playoff Team, The New York Rangers, got their own “CRONUT For A Day”.

special version of The cronut, the trademarked and quintessential pastry of New York City. cross between a croissant and a donut,  of the June cronut flavor of the month.

I decided to be both a hybrid Ranger and Cronut fan, on this day.

Dressed up in my REDS WHITES AND BLUES, I pedaled  as fast as my short little legs would allow. I was a hybrid myself. Half Cronut Fan, Half Ranger Fan.  It was raining hard and I just wanted to get there early enough to snag my fix for June.

The broken teeth. The fighting. Not. My. Thing.

Hockey was never my favorite sport to watch, so why on earth, would I brave a deluge of rain from 7:00AM until 9:00….to have a special RANGER cronut?

I’m not exactly sure.

Cronut picm.jpgSome times it’s about the journey…..

Line waiting has its benefits, this time no different. Me and my two newest besties, Nicole and Kaily,  chatted the hours aways. It poured. We got to know each other. The weather turned monsoonal. No joke.

The time flew by.

Bad News On The Cronut Line

At precisely 8:36, the gal who hands out the baguette (more about that later) said to the people standing in front of me, “There probably will not be any more cronuts left , by the time you get in there.” WHAT?!

There weren’t even 80 people here. Only one group of 30, had even entered the store. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Wait, What?  Are you freaking kidding me? No CRONUTS LEFT ALREADY?

The rain kept coming.  I went inside to assess the action. 

Ron Duguay, Glenn Anderson, and Adam Graves, former Ranger players, were signing autographs, and eating cronuts.

I sat down to say hello. Raincoat, bike helmet and all.


We laughed and chatted a bit. I couldn’t help but notice that Ron’s cronut, had barely been touched. It only had 2 little bites, eaten out of it.


I discovered that Ron Duguay, is not a die hard sugar fan, but he is sweet, like sugar, and sexy too. It’s no wonder that he dated Cher, and is married to super model Kim Alexis. Uh huh.

Autographed By Former #Winning NY Rangers Ron Duguuay, Adam Graves, Glenn Anderson

Keep The Dream Alive

I went outside into the monsoon, back to my place in line with Nicole and Kaily, while we patiently kept hope alive, on the cronut line.

30 minutes later, the baguette gal returned, with some REALLY BAD NEWS.

“There are only 3 cronuts left”,  she said to the 2 people in front of us.

I quickly did the math. If each of them buys one,  I still wouldn’t get to buy a cronut today, but Kaily and Nicole would.

Having been shut out of cronuts, on at least 3 attempts, I was getting a little bummed. My new friends and I did some negotiating. We decided we would share a cronut and some other items, and make the best of it. It pays to be nice. But, that’s not news, people!

For some reason, by the time we got to the front of the line, there MAGICALLY were 2 cronuts left, so the three of us, joined forces to enjoy them together.

Best Besties PICM.jpg

We also shared a Magic Soufflé and a Blackberry something or other, but the CRONUT was the best….as usual.


 EAT ME, Vicki

Somehow, in the melee,  my coffee went missing, so and I went back where the Rangers were sitting to look for it.

Ron’s beautiful Ranger cronut, which he clearly was not going to finish, was staring me straight in the eye…”EAT ME, Vicki!” I could hear the screams from this cronut, whose fate might just be the trash can, and I couldn’t bear the thought of this happening.

Never the shy one,  I asked, Ron about his cronut. “Are you going to just leave it  there? Can I have it?”, I asked nicely.

Ron replied, “Take it, it’s yours.”

She asks, SHE SCORES!!


Thank you Ron Duguay, for being a guest on “The Vicki Winters Show” and sharing your cronut with me!

IMG_4417Thank you Dominique Ansel, for always being gracious, and of course, for creating the CRONUT!!!nicole picmSome things are just worth the wait.

Not even 2 inches of rain could spoil this beautiful day for me, and my new friends. I even got to take 3/4 of the third cronut home for Dan.

Life is sweet.

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