Coleman Cooler Saves The Day And My Coffee

milkman milk
milkman milk

Hurricane Sandy- On The Brighter Side- Literally! 


We spent 6 days and nights without any power in Lower Manhattan, but on Saturday November 6, at 4:58 AM, I was awakened by the sweetest sound. It was the “C” chord playing from my Apple Computer and I immediately knew that our electricity was restored.

In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, we had stored a few things in our Coleman Cooler and were praying that they had weathered the storm. We also had a fridge and freezer full of food that we would have to toss. My stomach is very sensitive and I get some serious side effects from bad food so I don’t like to take chances. Daniel, on the other hand has an iron stomach, plus he can’t throw anything away, so he was determined to keep it all.


He became adamant that the chicken that had been in the freezer was fine, and I was CRAZY to throw it away. I got out the big green garbage bags and started to toss everything that was in the fridge and freezer. “Stop! It’s fine,” said my hoarder husband.

“Take it to your mother’s house. She’s a hoarder too!” A few minutes later, he was off to Long Island lugging a backpack full of food down 28 flights of stairs.

The items in the Coleman cooler were another story. We put the most precious foods in there. Milk, cheese, bottarga. These were going to be under tight scrutiny from me.


Mayor Bloomberg announced that people driving into the city would have to have three passengers with them in order to cross the bridges. In order for Dan to come home, he would have to find two passengers to ride in his car.

In Daniel’s inimitable style of radical self reliance he tackled that challenge with his usual aplomb and humor.

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