Best Cake In New York City- Momofuku Milk Bar

Where to eat the best cake in NYC?? Christina Tosi's Momofuku Milk Bar.

Momofuku Milk Bar

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, surely you have heard of Momofuku Milk Bar, the bakery-inspired dessert branch of David Chang’s  Momofuku Restaurant Group.

In this delicious and sweet-smelling bakery you can get a slice of pie that is so addicting, it’s called “CRACK PIE”!

I was invited to a take a class at Momofuku Milk Bar’s main facility in Williamsburg, where I would learn from the best of the best!

Christina Tosi would be teaching us, “How to Stack A 6 inch Cake,”  from her Bake the Book series.


Master Pastry Chef in Charge, Christina Tosi, welcomed us to her home away from home, as we prepped ourselves for the adventure.

Tosi is a delightful and charming young woman who deserves every bit of praise she has garnered.

momokuku milk bar

Class begins with, the tying of the SHMATTAH (Yiddish for rag). After tying the perfect bows on everyone’s heads, it’s time for selfies, of course.

momofuku milk bar 6 layer cake christina tosiUploads to Social Media sites are highly encouraged.

momofuku milk barHow cute is everyone?

momofuku milk bar 6 layer cake christina tosiYes, I know. I am super cute too!

Now that everyone is prepared, it’s time for some serious cake stacking.


Each of the wanna be bakers, has their own personal baking station, fully equipped with everything needed, to prepare a delicious dessert masterpiece.

IMG_0806First up, we learn how to cut 3 circles out of a rectangular cake.

IMG_0805Mathematically, this is an impossibility, so Christina teaches us to FAKE IT.

IMG_0820Layer by layer, the cake is assembled. Cake, lemon, strawberry stuff, crumbly cookies, times 3.

Messes can be so much fun, especially cleaning up the bits of cake by putting them directly into our mouths.

IMG_0833Everyone is allowed creative license when it comes to decorating the top of their masterpieces.

IMG_0819A moment of deep concentration from Christina’s staff who were there to hone their stacking/decorating skills.

momofuku milk bar 6 layer cake christina tosi

Everyone in the class gets to take home (and eat) their personally adorned cakes.

momofuku milk bar 6 layer cake christina tosi

My Strawberry Lemon 6 layer cake was “out of this world” delicious… AND I made it myself…almost.

The next time you feel like unleashing your inner Pastry Chef, RUN, don’t WALK, to one of Christina Tosi’s many baking classes in Brooklyn.
The 6 layer cakes can be ordered from Momofuku Milk Bar in a huge assortment of flavors. Apple pie cake, Banana cake, Birthday cake, Carrot cake, and more.
Check out the party cakes here.
Momofuku Milk Bar
Address: 382 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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