Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

Sur La Table and KitchenAid made quite the pairing for lunch.

I’m a Food Blogger?

Referring to myself as a Food Blogger is a little bit delusional, on my part.

I don’t, by any stretch of the imagination, mean to compare myself with those amazing people who develop recipes, prepare beautiful and tasty dishes, take gorgeous photos of aforementioned creations, then post on their food blogs.

I’m friends with a lot of these people, and they are the REAL DEAL.

Erica and Adriana PM

They get cookbook deals (Erica Dermer, Celiac and the Beast), have amazing connections to their communities, (Adriana Martin, Adriana’s Best Recipes) and they actually know how to cook.

I do cook, and my expertise, is, well… average at best. I usually don’t have all the required ingredients on hand, so I improvise in the kitchen. I’m usually too hungry, to care about styling the food.

My apartment is so small, how small is it?

I don’t even have a dining room table, so I have to take pics of plates, on the kitchen floor. Oh, and let’s not forget the crappy lighting situation.

Vicki KitchenPlease understand, I love food, I love blogging and I love food bloggers. Everyone knows, that I stuck up for my BFF’s last year, when Martha Stewart opened her big fat mouth to diss the entire blogging community. Then I reamed her with mine. 

In my attempt to hang with the experts, I attend  many foodie events and conferences, and who knows? One day my cooking and photography may improve. I mean, it really can’t get any worse.

So earlier this month, I flew off to Seattle, to attend IFBC, the International Food Blogger’s Conference. Which brings me to the cupcake part of my story.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

I came to know and adore, Ms. Dorie Greenspan, as does every one who has ever used a KitchenAid stand mixer, when we first met at IFBC 2013.

Besties Dorie Greenspan and Vicki WintersI was fortunate enough to see her again, when she  judged a Driscoll’s Berry contest at The Daily Meal.

No, I did not win (shocker), but I did earn Brownie points for my enthusiasm.

A signed copy of Greenspan’s “Baking- From My Home To Yours”, was my parting gift that day, and in my attempt to prepare something nice for my husband’s birthday, I pulled it off the shelf.

IFBC SWAG- Just the Right Ingredients

Thanks to Sarah Kirkconnell, (Gazing In), I was able to  score her extra ticket to the Kitchenaid/Sur La Table excursion, pre- IFBC.

 Sur La Table was eager to show off their new digs in Seattle, and they were hankering to pimp us Bloggers out, with some amazing new kitchen toys and lunch.

Kristina Micallef, and Sephi Coyle, taught us some new tricks of the trade as they demoed the awesome machinery from KitchenAid.


Pimp Me Out, It’s My Pleasure

The Kitchenaid team, represented by Beth Robinson and Nikki Lockett, was on hand to present their fall product line to 50 of us LUCKY Food Bloggers. The pairing of brands, sent us home with the latest and great items in their arsenals. Win. Win. Win.

Kitchenaid Sur La TableYes Sir, Yes Sir, Two Bags Full!

In the van, on our way to the event, Sur La Table’s Doralece Dullaghan, Director of Strategic partnerships and Public Relations, forewarned us, that we would be leaving their offices with two giant bags of swag.

on the way to surHOLY CRAP! What could we possibly be getting?

Chocolate! It’s In the Bag!

But back to Dan’s birthday baking. Dan loves chocolate, and included in the heavy gift bags from Sur La Table and KitchenAid, were five different chocolate products from TCHO Chocolates.

  • Cacao Nibs
  • Cocoa Powder
  • 99% Unsweetened Cocoa Drops
  • 66% Dark Chocolate Cocoa Baking Drops
  • 39% Cocoa Milk Chocolate Baking Drops

Greenspan’s recipe for “grown up” chocolate chocolate cupcakes, called for most of these items, and with all of them on hand, I had no doubt that I could master this recipe.

Chocolate MessHere is the part where the REAL DEAL FOOD BLOGGERS, will show you pictures of the mixing, blending and stirring, and it will all be beautiful.

This, however,  is the mess that I made.

Follow A Recipe?

Greenspan’s recipe called for 2 ounces of melted chocolate, but I had no idea how to measure the drops. I poured it all on the counter, did some quick math, and tried to divide the drops into the correct amount.

IMG_8384 This is what happens when you follow a recipe for Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes.


Impressive Showing

Truth be told, they turned out pretty well.

A real Food Blogger would put the recipe here, but you should just go buy the book, and try it yourself.

Thanks Sur La Table and KitchenAid! I couldn’t have done it without you too!

*disclaimer- I used free chocolate from Sur La Table. Does this make this a sponsored post?


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