$79.00 Dollars For Chicken?

Is it worth 79 dollars for a chicken?

How Much Is Too Much?

After reading the Nomad Review in Eater, my husband and I, had been eager to try out the $79.00 dollar chicken for 2, at Nomad Restaurant. The reviews from all the critics, including Mr. Pete Wells, were outstanding.

But, we had to find out for ourselves, even if it was a little pricey.

Quite The Pricey Bird

Both the food and restaurant, looked gorgeous in every publication we’d read. We definitely wanted to eat there, but the price tag seemed a bit high at $79.00 dollars for a whole chicken. Yes, I said “SEVENTY NINE dollars.”

As I’ve mentioned, we have no kids to put through college, and my husband will wear the same thing EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Which is precisely why Dan rarely balks, at the price of a good meal. However, this was one of those price tags that was a little hard to swallow.

Lucky for Daniel, who was instrumental in me getting a great freelance gig, at the University of Tennessee, his payback would be me picking up the check, for this expensive bird.

It’s Like Thanksgiving

When the beautiful bird was presented to us, much like on a Thanksgiving night, we both started were licking our lips. Since I am the bone eater, I was really looking forward to chowing down on this fine specimen’s carcass.

In our minds, this bird was OURS to devour. There was no doubt that it was gorgeous. We “ooh-ed,” and “aww-ed”. And then it was gone. Back to the kitchen, for some precision carving.

The Bird Returns

When the plates came back, the white meat was beautifully carved and presented on top of potatoes that have been espuma’d (you know what I mean) with perfectly prepared asparagus and pea shoots.

The rest of the bird also sliced and diced and served in a cream sauce to dine for. Notice how I didn’t say DIE for. No food is worth dying for.

Gorgeous. Flavorful. What Could Be Wrong?

The dark meat was also carved and I think I saw pieces of the wings in the over the top delicious and creamy mix. I know this photo is not too great, but you get the idea.

So herein the problem lies for Dan and me. We were both dreaming about a different experience. In my mind I would be picking up the carcass and sucking every last bit of meat off of every bone. Daniel would be taking leftovers home. Clearly, that is not what Chef Daniel Humm had in mind.

Was It Worth The Money?

We just wanted to get our money’s worth. Which we did. There is no question that 79.00 is a lot of money for a chicken, but it really was the BEST chicken I have ever tasted. Worth every hard earned penny.

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