Where To Eat In Caesarea Israel?

Mariposa Restaurant Caesarea Golf Course 

It appears from all the other blog posts about Israel, that I didn’t do anything else aside from stuffing my face while I was visiting the Holy Land during TBEX, Travel Blogger Exchange Conference.

TRUTH. There was a bit of a food orgy  thing going on, especially during our FAM Trip to Haifa.

Room With A View- Caesarea Golf Course

Overlooking the only International Golf Course in Israel, Mariposa Restaurant is a delicious example of Contemporary Israeli Food.

Along with several other awesomely creative bloggers:

I was invited to dine at Mariposa, located on the premises Caesarea Golf Course.

Because of the whole Blogger thing….we were served a lot of delicious food. 

Please Don’t Hate Me

Don’t hate me because I get to eat like I’m royalty. It’s not all fun and games. I’ve put on 10 pounds this year and I’m about to start calling myself a BLOBBER. 

This is what happens when Bloggers sit down in a restaurant on a press trip.

First, the food comes out.

Mariposa Restaurant Caesarea Golf Club Caesarea IsraelThen we jump up on top of the chairs…”to get the shot”.

Mariposa Restaurant Caesarea Golf Club Caesarea Israel

Mariposa Restaurant Caesarea Golf Club Caesarea IsraelNO, those are not bugs on top of the fish.

Even if there’s no room for dessert….you will be FORCED to eat some sugary treats.

In case I haven’t mentioned, this blog is only here for the tease  AKA drool worthy photos.

For more detailed blog posts on what we ate, please check out the BLOGGERS that I’ve linked to above!

If you want to know more about the location of Mariposa Restaurant in Caesarea Israel,  here you go.

Chef Meir Alouf shares a bit about his inspiration in the video below.

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