Weinerman Family Food Tour

In honor of my dearly departed parents, Lowell and Alana Weinerman, Dan and I set out on a Bucket List Foods Tour of Los Angeles

When my family lived in Los Angeles, we were fortunate to have the chance to eat out at many of the most famous Bucket List Food Eateries.

Shortly after my parents passed away, in honor of their memory, Dan and I set out on a “Weinerman Family Food Tour”.  During the 2 days we were there, we did our damnedest to eat at, many of Lowell and Alana’s favorite food haunts.

Bucket List Food Tour LA
The Weinerman Family- circa 1979

Although I would never classify my parents as foodies, they went to all the hot spots. Some of the Weinerman family favorites included:

  • La Scala for chopped salad (leave out the salami for mom)
  • The Polo Lounge in The Beverly Hills Hotel for celebrity sitings and Pina Coladas
  • Chin Chin on Sunset for Chinese Chicken Salad
  • Art’s Deli for a Pastrami Sandwich with pickles and coleslaw
  • Morton’s – BEST VEAL CHOP and celebrities

When we got to Westwood Village for my father’s favorite donuts, Dan was adamant about buying 6 different types, from Stan’s Donuts. “This is in honor of Lowell”, he reasoned.

Baked Red Hook


Although the Weinermans spent a lot of time in fine dining establishments, nothing was more appetizing to my Brooklyn Born father, than a Hot Dog smothered with onions and sauerkraut or a pastrami sandwich.

As much as I try to eat healthy, this eating orgy was an IN MEMORIUM trip, so I had to indulge….for Dad… who would have been so proud of me for forgoing the tofu and sprouts, in favor of a pastrami covered weiner. I covered all the bases in one dish!

As we pulled up alongside Pink’s Hot Dogs on La Brea,  my husband didn’t even wait for me to stop. He bolted out of the car to get onto the line for his favorite food.  They do say that women end up with someone just like their dad…..Case in point.

Eating Our Way Around The World
Eating Our Way Around The World

As we waited in line, behind some really big behinds, for about 30 minutes, we had time to pour over the menu and decide what to order. We finally agreed to share two delicious dogs, that I must admit were quite scrumptious.

I so wished that my parents could have been with us but I know they were in spirit. Daniel, who is a little sloppy (understatement) spilled some mustard on his shoe and I smiled broadly thinking of Dad.

In my mind I  was able to picture Lowell, whipping out his handkerchief to wipe off the dripping yellow stuff as a tear slowly falls down my cheek.

RIP Lowell and Alana. You taught me all about living a Bucket List Life.

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