Over the years, I’ve halfheartedly pursued an acting career. Every once in a while someone will contact me to audition for a role via my profile on Backstage.com.

When I got the call from Daviana Angelo to play a grandmother in her student film project, I immediately said, “yes.”

Who wouldn’t have done the same thing? Um, everyone I know.

Whose Bucket List doesn’t include working for free on a scorching hot day in Brooklyn? Um, everyone you know.

The eye-opening part of this film work, is that I am old enough to play the grandmother of a 15-yr. old.

Where the hell did my life go? My 60th birthday is coming up soon. Is this really happening? Ugh.

I guess it’s better than the alternative, plus I do have a pretty fun life.

But I digress…or is this the beginning of my Alzheimer’s?

But seriously folks, you can see from my stellar performance that I am “ready for my closeup,” so if you have any access to Deniro or Spielberg, or your son, the filmmaker, please feel free to send them my contact info.

Thanks to my co-star Sophia Colon Roos for sharing the video from her Youtube channel.

She was a pleasure to work with, as was the entire crew (made up of a NYU film school class).

Wishing much deserved success to Daviana, Sophia and the entire team from their NYU Film School class!


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