Bob’s Red Mill Sorghum & Manuka Doctor Honey

Swag comes in handy.

Swag From IFBC Makes For A Good Pairing

Miss Vicki’s Improvisational Kitchen, is where I whip up all of my non-recipes. The place in which I open the pantry and fake it.

After returning home from IFBC 2013, with my 32 inch suitcase jam packed full of swag, I had a lot of food, with which to wing it.

swag IFBC, bob's red mill sorghum, Manuka Doctor honey


Bob’s Red Mill Sorghum, was buried in there and was something of which I had never heard. Great experimental potential.

According to the package, sorghum is a grain, and grains can only be one thing. Healthy. Right up my alley. I’ve packed on a few pounds, and my flabby body was starting to make me cranky.

On the side of the bag it reads, “Sorghum can be popped like popcorn.” Who knew?

As directed, I threw some in a pan, and lo and behold, the little, teeny kernels started popping. They didn’t all pop, but the ones that didn’t, tasted good enough to eat. They weren’t hard, like undercooked grains, so I assumed that’s how they were meant to be eaten.

Bob's Red Mill Sorghum

Ok, so now I have some boring, crunchy grains. Now what? I looked in my swag stash, and discovered a jar of Manuka Doctor Honey. Produced in New Zealand, this honey has special apiwellness qualities that I don’t really understand, but it is explained in full here.

What I can tell you about the Manuka Doctor Honey, is that it tastes really good. And it’s healthy like the Bob’s Red Mill sorghum. Win-win pairing as far as I’m concerned. I’m way on my way to losing weight, I fantasized.


I drizzled the honey into the sorghum. Delicious, but too sticky to eat with my hands.


Eat it with a spoon? Nah. What to do? What to do?

IMG_2990 In my typical improvisational style, I opened the freezer, and spotted a packaged Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich, one of my favorite desserts. 
Bob's Red Mill Sorghum Recipe

The magic happened. I rolled the sammie into the mixture and voila, I had a healthy dessert made with Bob’s Red Mill Sorghum & Manuka Doctor Honey.

At least that’s what I told myself.

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