How To Have Better Time Management At Work

What would you do with an extra 4 hours?

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When you walk into your office’s public bathroom, is there a reason that you choose one stall, over another?

Do you look inside one or more stall, and then make an assessment, as to the cleanliness of a particular toilet? Or do you just  go for it?

Do you check out more than one, just praying the next one will not have a wet seat?

Do you walk to the end of the row, hoping that this stall has had the least use?

How much time do you waste in the bathroom?

better time management

My Toilet Habits

The other day, while I was sitting on the proverbial can (please, no visuals), a light bulb went off in my head.

I figured out how to make more time in my life.

Time For The  Visual

Picture an office bathroom, with 6 stalls on each side of the room.

If you alway choose to use stall number one, you will have better time management and be able to add HOURS to your life.


Walking to last stall takes 5-7 seconds longer, than just parking your behind (or squatting, if that’s your thing) in the first stall.

That’s 5 to 7 seconds each way, which is 10-14 seconds total.

I drink a lot of water, so I pee a lot. Let’s just say 6 -8 times a day. I’m not even considering the number twos. Just the ones.

So, let’s just do the math on the low estimate.

10 seconds times 6 sessions in the bathroom, equals 60 seconds .

One minute per day, times 5 days a week.

5 minutes per week.

5 minutes times 52 weeks = 260 minutes.

260 minutes is more than 4 hours.

Now  that you have better time management at work, what will you do with those extra 4 hours?

Wait in line for a cronut?

Cronut Flavor of the Month July

I’ll Take Stall #1.

And that, my friends is how to have better time management at work!

Oh, and this is also really important, if you have to pee while you are at the movies.

You’re welcome!

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