Cool Swag T-Shirts

Cool Swag t- shirts. Awesome swag or night shirts?
cronuts at SXSW, allison pr

Who Loves Free Clothing?

A marketer’s job is to create a brand that people will remember. Many companies spend lots of time, money and energy creating SWAG for just that purpose. The concept of SWAG is to give something away that will continue to get nothing. When you are planning your trade show swag,  please note these IMPORTANT facts about cool swag t-shirts.

  • Some t-shirts are cool and will be worn in public (those are the good ones)
  • Many…or most will only end up as nightshirts and will never see the light of day
  • What good is spending thousands of dollars if nobody ever sees your FREEBIES


You can see all of the cool and not so cool swag t-shirts in this VINE video:

I acquired over 30 Cool SWAG t-shirts at SXSW and made a list of the best and worst out there.

Best Fitting: Tentsquare, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, SXSWBikes, Gigg.comMicrostrategy– not too boxy or oversized

Best Fabrication: Bella(50% Poly 25% Cotton 25% Rayon) used by  Digital Ocean, Tentsquare- These were all lightweight and super comfy

Best Logo: Importio, WordPress, Gig Salad, Hootsuite

Best Association With An Event or Party: #goodidea @cronutatmidnight from Allison PR.

Most Unique and Cool Looking- Old School Style: Squerb

Most Unlikely to ever be worn again: Meltwater Only because the shirt is huge, and my husband rarely wears hot pink….

Best Use Of A Hot Dog On A T-shirtChicago Made

Most Socially GoodPublic Interest Registry, made by Sevenly, a company that gives $7.00 of each person to charity

Best Guerilla MarketingLeap2 These guys were just handing them out on the streets and didn’t have to cough up for a trade show booth

Best Reminder of something to look forward toTechweek

Best Association with a NY Restaurant: #Sethxsw, who brought Shake Shack to Austin for free. Thank you, USHG!

Worst Fabric: All shirts made by Gildan- Leap2, Chicago Made, Cronut @Midnight, Techweek- Fabric is just too heavy and uncomfortable

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