Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hot Time In The City-

Texas is hot in the Springtime. Understatement. It was over 90 degrees in the shade every day this past weekend, and it’s still only June.

Danny and I had already eaten ourselves into a stupor, at the various BBQ hangouts in Austin and Lockhart, so it was off to the SWIMMING HOLE we went.

austin swimming hole

What In Tarnation Is A Swimming Hole?

Most New Yorkers, have never seen or heard, of a swimming hole, but Texans are quite familiar, with these bodies of water.

The Hamilton Pool Preserve is only 45 minutes from Austin, and well worth the price of a car rental and the 10 dollar entry fee per vehicle.

Hamilton Preserve Pool

One Car In, One Car Out.

Dan and I arrived at around 2:30, and the parking lot that holds only exactly 75 cars was full. As each car leaves, one more is allowed to enter the park. We lined up behind 20 other cars, and hoped for the best.

A few people gave up, but it was too hot to eat any more, so we steeled ourselves for some nature, and a dip under a waterfall.

It’s not like, I really wanted to see myself in a bathing suit, after all the gorging we’d been doing, but who gives a hooey. I was going to cool off!

After we waited for almost an hour, it was our turn. We parked, then hiked the 1/4 mile trail, to the wonder of nature known as a swimming hole.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Ranger Business Is Serious Stuff

The Park Rangers at Hamilton Preserve, take their job responsibilities, very seriously. When they say “RESPECT THE NATURE,” they mean business.

We were lucky, that the park was open at all, because it closes during the last 2 weeks in June, for THIS crappy reason. The cliff swallow birds, mate in June every year, then they hang out in the cave-like area, near the waterfall. Apparently they do a lot of crapping after sex, and for the following two weeks, the bird dung, AKA guana, falls into the swimming hole, rendering it unsafe for humans to swim. Isn’t that shitty?

I take my sun hat off, in respect to the Rangers who are out there in the blazing heat, picking up trash, left by the disrespectful few. I saw a few soda cans and napkins, being picked up by the Rangers. They shouldn’t have to. People are pigs.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

The Ole’ Swimmin’ Hole

We spotted a turtle, some butterflies, and even a couple of snakes! It was a wonderful time out in nature. We swam, sunned, and savored the experience, almost as much as the sausages, from Franklin BBQ.


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