Best Luxury Hotel In Boston Massachusetts

Best Luxury Hotel Boston
I'm not a slut but I do like to sleep around. I love exploring new hotels.

Which Is The BEST Luxury Hotel In Boston?

Here’s the deal. If you know anything about BLOGGING, you’ll recognize that his is a GREAT TITLE for a BLOG POST. People search for this stuff all the time.

Best Luxury Hotel Boston

The challenge for me, is that I’ve only been to Boston one time in my life, and I’ve only stayed at two hotels. For me to choose the BEST LUXURY HOTEL IN BOSTON, wouldn’t be correct or fair since there are several magnificent properties that date back to the 1700’s. So why did I stay in two places in 2 days?  I like schlepping my luggage in a gentle snowstorm? Um, no?

Best Luxury Hotel In Boston
Bathroom At Revere Hotel Boston- No Tiny Bottles!

First Stop:

  • The Liberty, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Boston 215 Charles Street, Boston, Mass 02114
Best Luxury Hotel In Boston
Bobble Vicki loved the view from high above the Charles River (The Liberty Hotel)
The Liberty, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Boston
We had a wonderful night’s sleep at The Liberty
The Liberty Hotel
Front Desk Staff at The Liberty got a kick out of Bobble Vicki
Loved that I could decline housekeeping for two good causes. The environment, and
The Liberty Hotel
Impressive Lobby with escalator at The Liberty Hotel

One of the reasons that I chose to stay at The Liberty Hotel was for the SPG points. AND, because this place is allegedly haunted. It used to be a prison. CREEPY. Built in 1843, the former Charles Street Jail, had housed a number of famous inmates including James Michael Curley, Malcolm X, Sacco and Vanzetti. Cool!  Maybe I was channeling some criminals during my stay! IMG_0474   It turns out that The Liberty is a TOTAL HOT SPOT. Hundreds of young nubile Bostonians hang out and drink a lot… in the Lobby Bar and restaurant.     After a lovely sleep at The Liberty, it was time to check out and head over to my next bed for the night.  I only had a small carry on bag and was able to walk over in the light snow that had begun to fall. Next Stop: Revere Hotel 200 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

Revere Hotel boston
Revere Hotel has a nice sized heated indoor pool

Work station

Revere Hotel
Bobble Vicki loved that the chaise lounge had a little work station
Bathroom at Revere Hotel
I’d never seen this product line but loved that they don’t waste teeny bottles.
Shoe shine at Revere hotel boston
Something you don’t see too much any more. Very classy indeed.
Plenty of drawer space for clothing.
Revere Hotel
I’m always happy to see drawers in a hotel room.

I really enjoyed both of these hotels and won’t be choosing one over the other as the BEST LUXURY Hotel in Boston. The hospitality at both Revere and Liberty were equally sublime. There I go… using that word again.

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