Best Food Trucks Saint Paul Minnesota

These are some of the best food trucks Saint Paul Minnesota, and I know about Food Trucks. Let's not forget the night the temperature was 12 degrees while I worked in a METAL BOX for 12 hours.

Best Food Trucks Saint Paul Minnesota

Aside from working inside Giant Metal Boxes (Food Trucks) on days when the temperature either dipped below 20 degrees, or soared above the 90 degree mark, I LOVED working on food trucks.

But, I will never forget that one winter night when the temperature was 12 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 C) during my shift in a FREEZING COLD METAL BOX.

Upon returning home from that horrific work shift with frozen fingers, toes, and a crushed ego, I peeled off my ski clothing and fur boots, and burst into tears exclaiming, “This is officially the day I regret having to drop out of college!”

Food Truck Owners are some of the most passionate and hardworking people I’ve ever met and I can totally appreciate the hard work and effort it takes to own and run one of these eateries on wheels.

Rolling On The River

Saint Paul, Minnesota is home to some amazing “meals on wheels” food trucks, which are mostly at Rice Park, Mears Park, or parked at random spots around the city throughout the week.

TBEX North America 2016 closing night party attendees were privy to food stylings from seven of the Best Food Trucks Saint Paul Minnesota, which were rolled out along the banks of the Mississippi River for our exclusive dining pleasure.

In addition to the fine food and drink served along the riverbank, we also had the chance to cruise along the Mississippi on a Padelford Riverboat!

Food Truck Festivities

Although I tried REALLY hard to eat everything that was offered, I fell a little short. In addition to the SEVEN food trucks, there also were NINE hometown breweries on hand. Since I don’t drink beer, I concentrated HEAVILY on feeding my face (no pun).

There were also THIRTY Hometown Brews offered at the party, and many of the Travel Bloggers enjoyed quite a few of them.

THANK YOU To The Walking Tourists

Truth be told, I was too busy shmoozing, shooting a Periscope Video and eating, to take too many photos of the food, so THANK YOU to The Walking Tourists  for sharing most of the pictures for my blog post! 

Fork in the Road | @ForkNRoadTruck  

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Buffalo Chicken Sliver with Blue Cheese Spread

Fork in the Road is a food truck run by self-proclaimed food geniuses Kari Offerdahl and Amy Frechette. They serve up “Good Eats on the Street” focusing on new American cuisine and sandwiches to the fine folks of the Twin Cities.

Potter’s Pasties |  @PottersPasties

  • Beef pasty
  • Chicken pasty

Potter’s Pasties was an idea hatched by Alec Duncan, an experienced local chef, and Fiona Carter while hiking through Scotland. Pasties are typically meat-filled pies–perfect, portable little lunches. Potter’s menu features traditional Cornish as well as other worldly flavors all focusing on the integrity of the essential crust.

R.A. MacSammy’s | @RAMacsammys

  • Deep Fried Beer and Bacon Man’n’Cheese Bites
  • N’Awlins Mac’nCheese

R.A. MacSammy’s offers traditional comfort food on wheels! Offering a wide variety of delicious mac and cheese dishes, sandwiches and salads. Chef Kevin Huyck’s food truck has versatility to please all types of appetites and visitors can make their own mac and cheese with ingredients ranging from brats to brussel sprouts.

Whole Sum Kitchen | @WholeSumKitchen 

  • Fresh Quinoa Salad
  • Classic Strawberry Banana Smoothie

(Whole) Sum Kitchen was conceived by EvanTepper after returning from a 15 month one-man journey across the globe with a refined perspective of himself and the world around him. During his travels Evan dined on local farm fresh food and shopped in local market which helped to shape his vision for Whole Sum Kitchen.

Tiki Tim’s | ‎@TikiTims_MN

  • Fish Tacos
  • Tiki Cakes (crab cakes)

Tiki Tim’s creates simple, tasty, tropically inspired plates along with some hometown favorites. With a focus on quality, affordability & variety, there’s something for everyone.

I get to take credit for this photo…

Natedogs | @Nate_Dogs

  • Signature all natural, locally raised, skin-on Natedogs weiner with scratchmade toppings and mustards

Natedogs is a Twin Cities based hot dog company serving up all-pork, all local, homegrown wieners to any and all who remember what a delicious hot dog is.

Funfare Global Street Eats | @funfaregse

  • Cuban Sandwich
  • Choripan

Tiffany and Sherwin have combined their passion for food and overwhelming desire to put a smile on the faces of everyone they meet to create FunFare Global Street Eats. A “meals on wheels” that brings the time-honored street foods right to you.

HUMONGOUS Thank You’s to all the Food Trucks, UnionDepot, Science Museum, Padelford Riverboats, Running Aces, District Energy, Saint Paul River Centre, and Gray Line for hosting this AMAZING evening in #MYSAINTPAUL.

Plus, let’s not forget a GIGANTIC shout out to White Iron Band for serenading us with amazing MUSIC all night long.


One More Highlight and Photo Of Mine-

Finally got to meet two of my favorite Boomer Travel Bloggers, Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis, What Boundaries?

We’re in a SECRET Facebook group for cool kids and this was the first time we got to meet in person!

Click Here To View Periscope Video of the foodie fun in #MySaintPaul

Check out the interactive map to see help you find the best food trucks Saint Paul Minnesota to fit your taste buds next time you’re in the neighborhood.

Want to know which was my favorite?

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