Best airline to Fly to Europe? Air France

Air France Expo NYC
Checking out the new first class seats on Air France. #franceisintheair

Best airline to Fly to Europe? Air France.

Since I travel so much, I’m totally qualified to answer the question, Which is the BEST AIRLINE TO FLY TO EUROPE?

Air France, has long been, more than just an airline. Air France Airlines, has been at the forefront of luxury and sophistication, since their airplanes first took flight, in 1933. Air France -France is in the airAt the Air France Expo in NYC, I got  to try out all of the seats, in all of the classes of service that Air France offers on their fleet of 777’s. Part museum, part airplane parts, and part technology exhibit, Air France showed off both the old and new schools, of air travel. Best Airline to fly to Europe? Air FranceA Flight attendant (who had no problem being called a STEWARDESS back then) dressed in Louis Ferrer, stands in front of artwork on First Class closet doors.

How I wish I could afford to fly first class and not have to take a sleeping pill to fall asleep, sitting upright in Economy. Even so, Air France still the best airline to fly to Europe!.

Perhaps, in my next lifetime, or maybe I’ll get a good paying job. OR, maybe I’ll work for a company that wants to pay, for my beauty rest the next time I fly overseas.Best Airline To Fly To Europe? Air FranceFlight attendants on Air France have always worn designer fashions.  The current uniforms are designed by Christian Lacroix. Best Airline To Fly To Europe? Air France High tech wall of tweets #airfranceexpo Best Airline to Fly To Europe? Air FranceBienvenue a Paris! Amenities PMAir France’s marketing team has delivered a heavenly and divine exhibit, that left me wanting to board a plane next week!

Oh, that’s right I am going to do just that!

Thanks to my persistent husband, we will indeed be taking off from JFK, to Bilbao on Air France next week.

With a short pitstop at CDG in Paris, we’ll be on the way to our “Running of the Bulls” Adventure in Pamplona, Spain. IMG_4881 Let’s not get crazy, we’re only doing that for 2 days. The rest of the 7 day trip will be divided between Spain and France.

Au revoir and stay tuned for more….

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