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Snow Bunny
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January 2015 Snow-pocalypse Day. 

The weather report was DIRE, at best.IMG_0762

According to my pal, Al Roker, New York City would be expecting 24-36 inches of snow. The last time we received that much of the white stuff, there were all sorts of travel nightmares. Busses got stuck, flights cancelled, and people had to sleep in their cars on the highways. Yes. this happened.

I wanted to stay put, in my toasty warm PJ’s and slippers.

Luxury Travel Blogger, A-list Mom Elina Furman , had graciously offered me a free ticket to the Travel Marketing Summit , and I really wanted to meet her, as well as the other interesting people who would be there.

 I looked out the window, at the snowflakes that were falling, and bundled up appropriately.


Lucky for me, not only were there some great panels, breakfast from Leske’s, and a beautiful lunch from EE Grill, but, (big drumroll here, Amy E. D’Agostino, Founder of Bella, was there with an entire team of makeup and hair professionals to provide makeovers.

Not the wimpy, we’ll fix your eyeliner type of mini-makeover, but full on GLAM SQUAD!

Bella. Always Beautiful.

As evidenced by these photos from Inga Frunza, my own personal makeup artist for the day, Nory Plascoff, really did a lot, with what she had to work with.

I looked like hell when I arrived, if I must be honest. And I must.

Bella on Demand, is an on Demand Beauty Service, that brings beauty services to your home. Great idea for wedding parties, events, or a special night out on the town. For the busy woman, who doesn’t have time to get to the salon, it’s a great resource.

The App is available for download here… Bella on Demand

What a great concept! I wish they could come to my house every day before I walk out the door and frighten the world with my pitiful attempts at looking good.

Bella. Always Beautiful. Always On Demand. My new best friend.

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