Bano-conut Cream Pie With Navitas Naturals

Faking it again.

Cooking From The Outside In

In Miss Vicki’s Improvisational Kitchen, sometimes I cook backwards. What this means is, I will look at the ingredients on hand, see if I can find a recipe on the internet that uses them,  and then whip up something from ‘scratch’. That was the case with “Bano-conut Cream Pie- My Version”- Not the usual way of cooking, but no one has ever called me normal.

What’s In The Closet?

After checking my pantry AKA hall closet (we live in a small apartment), I punched in the items that I believed could be turned into a pie, and found a recipe for Banoconut Cream Pie from Kate Ramos that looked easy enough, AND I had almost everything I needed, with which to prepare it.


Faking It or Baking It?

There would be a substitution here and there, but baking isn’t science, so it shouldn’t matter? Au contraire. Baking IS a science, so you can’t really FAKE IT, try as I constantly might.

I was not deterred. Instead of Kate’s home-made crust, I used the one that Dan bought last week.


Sugar Substitute

Navitas Naturals had supplied me with some Coconut Sugar, and I was eager to see how that would taste in my pie.


Do I Always Have  To Follow Instructions?

I followed Kate’s recipe pretty closely. I used a pre-made crust (a little embarrassed to say so, but Dan picked two of them up at the store, so I had to use them), and I used Navitas Naturals Coconut Sugar instead of white, yucky, unhealthy sugar. I only used 2 bananas, but other than that, it was the same.IMG_9619Taste Test

Of course I had to sample the goods before serving to discerning taste buds, by licking the spoon.


 In The Pantry

I’d received some Lagrima Vanilla Extract in my sweet swag bag from IFBC this year, and it gave the pie a delicious flavor.

Navitas Naturals Coconut Sugar

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other?

Kate’s pie had a pretty yellow color to it, but the Coconut Sugar (which is brown) made my pie more like the color of caramel.

banoconut cream pie

Recipe For Success! 

Although I did it MY WAY, this experiment in Miss Vicki’s Kitchen was a huge success. Thank you, Navitas Naturals, Lagrima, and of course Kate, who blogs at Hola! Jalapeño. She doesn’t fake it, she’s the real deal Food Blogger!

Lastly, you may be asking yourself, “Why are there so many shadows on the photos?”, and I honestly wish I could say something other than, “I need photography lessons”.

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