Every once in a while I have to be by reminded by someone else, how lucky I am to live in New York, the greatest city in the world.

Earlier this year, while traveling on the Fathom Travel Cruise I was lucky to meet and spend time with award-winning Travel Bloggers, who call themselves, The Planet D.

Although they might not know it, Dave and Deb Corbeil, are my travel blogging idols.

These two amazingly adorable and talented people are the perfect example of how well a husband-wife team can work together, and I often reference them during my “differences’ with Dan.

“What would Dave and Deb do,” I’ll ask, when Dan refuses to compromise…which is primarily why I blog alone. 

But, I digress.

When I recently read The Planet D’s blog post, It’s A New York City Christmas, at first I couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t call me when they were in New York, but more importantly, their beautiful cover photo was taken in the same location as one of my very own favorite pictures.

It reminded me that great creative minds, often think alike. Grant it, Dave’s version of the photo is better than mine (I’m guessing he wasn’t using an iphone camera).

But MOST importantly, The Planet D reminded me that I have snapped some fantastic photos of New York City myself, but I’ve neglected to share them on the blog.

Why don’t I write more about New York City you ask? I really don’t know but that’s all about to change!

Check out some of my handy work below and let me know which photos you like!

Strolling over the Brooklyn Bridge

That teeny white circle is ACTUALLY the moon

North Cove Marina
Looking south from Tribeca

Check this time lapse of OCULUS window closing
Sunrise From Brooklyn Bridge Yes, I woke up that early.
Oooh, sunrise…
Looking at New York By Gehry Building from Barclay Street

Double Rainbow Outside My Window

Picture Within a Picture

View of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge from Millennium Hilton

Coffee Anyone?

Radio City Music Hall

Snowy Evening in Tribeca- See Next Photo….

If you look closely at the last two photos, you’ll notice that they were taken from the EXACT SAME LOCATION (through my living room window).

It just happened to be snowing in one of the shots.


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