"Would you like to pet my goose," I asked over 500 times," while playing MOTHER GOOSE at the NY Public Library Xmas Gala. It just never gets old when you can make a child smile.

Since I have been pursuing acting for the past 8 months, I have played the roles of:

  • Latina Grandmother
  • Non-descript Grandmother
  • Jewish Grandmother
  • Scary Neighbor
  • Ma Baker (first off broadway role)
  • 60 year old woman (as myself for glamour.com, AARP and epicurious.com)

Plus a few other background “actor” gigs. I use the term ACTOR VERY LOOSELY, because there is very little to NO ACTING at all, while doing background work.

Watch below as I play the role of “MOTHER GOOSE” at the New York Public Library Gala.

I can’t even tell you how many times I asked, “Would You Like To Pet My Goose?” But it was close to 500.

But wait! This isn’t all about me this time!

Highlight of this video are the TALENTED KIDS from Laguardia High School Choral Group (guaranteed to brighten your day).

No this gig wasn’t as much fun, as the Oyster Eating Gig for Visit Virginia, but it was pretty darn fun.

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